Warm weather provides hope of better and brighter days to come in 2021

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Last week, I wrote about the benefits of cold weather. So this week, I thought it was only fair to provide a case for warm weather.

I think we can all agree that this has been a tough winter. From lockdowns to holiday season cancellations to extreme cold warnings, we’ve been through it all. But we knew it was coming. We knew things would get worse before they got better.

It’s almost as if the first two weeks of February were the climax of this past year’s misfortunes. The inability to comfortably enjoy the outdoors while already confined to our homes was for many of us a breaking point. But now that we’ve come out the other side, there is a certain sense of hope in the air as we continue to defrost from record-breaking temperatures.

The weather is warming, restrictions are easing, and vaccines are being administered. While it’s unrealistic to assume that everything will be smooth sailing from here on out, at least we can say that we are in a better situation than we were this time last year — scientifically speaking. An updated timeline predicts that by June, 14.5 million Canadians will be immunized against COVID-19.


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As the spring and summer months grow closer with every passing day, so too does our ability to once again enjoy the great outdoors. In doing so, it is expected that both our case and hospitalization numbers will see a decline. By now, we all know that household transmission is the fastest way for the virus to spread. The government had warned us as early as last spring that this winter would see a second wave due to the fact that everyone would naturally be hibernating within their homes.

The sudden return of warm temperatures this month, however fleeting they may prove to be, has provided assurance that better and brighter days are to come. The mere fact that we now have daylight until 6:00 PM puts a smile on my face. Soon enough, families will gather in the backyard, friends will play in the street, and restaurants will open their patios.

It’s funny how something as mundane as a few degrees celsius can inspire such vivid hope and fantasy within me. But I do not believe I am alone in this thought process. Nearly one year into this pandemic, all we can really do is hope. For that reason, I don’t think anyone can or should be blamed for clinging to something that provides positivity in their lives.

As wonderful as this all sounds, it’s important to keep playing ball as we tough out the rest of the winter. Hospitalization numbers in Alberta still need to get down to less than 150 before some semblance of normalcy can return. With 23 million combined Pfizer and Moderna vaccines expected to arrive in Canada between April and June, I think we have a shot at keeping those numbers down for the summer.



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