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Devon Dispatch Letter to the Editor Dec. 11, 2020

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On Nov. 19 Half Way Home Rescue got a call from a young lady whose parents live in the Spring Lake area west of Edmonton. That morning her father needed to take out the household garbage. He lifted the lid of the garbage can and inside saw and heard the cry of a small kitten, no more than six weeks old. Someone decided to dispose of it under the cover of darkness the night before. Only a sick despicable coward does that. What is wrong with our society that has made animals so disposable?

This is not the first nor the last abandoned or neglected or abused pet that will be brought to a shelter or a rescue because of human cruelty. All we need to do is look around our neighborhoods; our communities; our rural areas … ugly lurks there and may live next door to you.

It is a sad fact that cruelty is part of the human fabric. As such, we must be ever vigilant when we see it directed at our pets, children, the elderly and the vulnerable. Each one of us has the ability and responsibility to speak up. Be the change that animals need, for there are not enough deterrents in our legal system to stop cruelty. The laws are not designed to give a voice to animals and the creeps out there know it.


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The answer is to spay or neuter – but we just don’t get it. The problem is getting worse by the day – more and more kittens are being born and abandoned; more and more feral cat colonies are congregating and it is a fact that our songbird population is decreasing due to the number of unwanted cats. We need to seriously do something constructive in our communities to start to reduce the cat population. I suggest our counties initiate a subsidized program; work with the families and vets to get cats spayed or neutered. Money is abundant for all kinds of programs, projects and people but little if any is ever designated for animals. We need to step up to the plate and do something.

Brenda Martin, President Half Way Home Rescue


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